My Creative Writing Challenge

I'm going to be writing short stories and or poems for the month of February!

For some reason I can’t access this blog from my computer, but I’ll try to fix that soon. I feel like I should post more. Though, break is nearly over and I’ll be busy with classes again, but we’ll see!

songthatsummersings asked: Just wanted to say thank you for this !! It has really inspired me to start writing, and looking through your challenges has helped me a lot! I can't wait to see what else you have in store :)

Aw! Thanks! I’m glad it has inspired you! That’s always really nice to hear. :) I’ll have to stop being lazy and write some more now. :P Thanks so much for enjoying the challenge!

Day 9

A story in 250 words or less about your favorite city.

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Wrote a very short thing to post on here. However, I can’t post it until I have Internet! :(

Wow. All of these new follows and notes on my creative writing challenge. Maybe I’ll write something tomorrow. It’s been too long!


Since it’s summer vacation, I may do some writing. Like maybe I’ll choose a random day out of the 30 day writing challenge once in a while. I’m fairly busy this summer so I wont do all the days. (I’ve got a road trip in June and I’m moving in July). Stay tuned!

No one else has been writing… I’ve lost my motivation to write more. So I’ll do my best posting something someday in the future.

Now I’m two days behind, I’ll post tomorrow. Sorry for my laziness!

Day 7

So, since tomorrow’s prompt is a 250 words or less story, I will do my Day 8 tomorrow. Sorry for slacking!

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Day 6

Here’s my Day 6 (on day 7). Day 7 & 8 will come tomorrow, I have a big test to study for now!

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